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How To Start A Video Production Company

by Jered Schneider In many businesses, “industry secrets” are guarded and protected like top secret information. Many business owners feel that if they give away their secret sauce, then everyone will copy what they do and put them out of business. I think about it differently. I openly share our “secrets” because I believe that […]

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Best Gifts Ever: Motion Graphics Memories

  by Jered Schneider When I think back on the holidays I have so many good memories; the sounds of classic Christmas music, the smells of freshly baked cookies, the sights of the lights twinkling off my favorite ornaments. These are all very fond memories, but my favorite memories are, in fact, the gifts. When you […]

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Tips for Powerful Video Interviews

As our clients are head into the end of the year, they are wrapping up their projects and taking a look back at 2015. As they take stock of the impact they’ve made within their industry, powerful stories come to mind – opportunities for powerful testimonial video interviews. As we prepare to produce these customer […]

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Doctors Without Borders Video Review

By Jake Cannon Editing is the key to storytelling. Everything could be planned perfectly in the pre-production and production stages, but if you don’t edit your footage well: everything you did before this final stage will be for nothing. I want to look at a really powerful piece in this Doctors Without Borders video review. Not only is the […]

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Thankful For Nouns

by Jered Schneider Tis the season to be thankful! When we first started just a few years ago, Pounds Media was nothing more than me sitting in my dining room with a camera and and dream. There are so many people that deserve thanks for helping us take this from a dream to a reality. […]

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How to Deal with Light from Windows when Shooting Video

Shooting with windows can be tough. No, not the operating system…actual windows with light streaming through them that can really help–or hinder!–your shot. Depending on the type of camera and lights you are using, shooting in a room with windows can have its challenges. Although you should always have these things in mind when shooting […]

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3 Basic Parts of Video Editing

By: Jake Cannon I love puzzles. I remember one time putting together a big CSI puzzle of a crime scene, which contained clues to the killer revealed by black light. I remember the frustration and agony of figuring out which pieces went where, as well as the feeling of accomplishment when I successfully fit pieces together. Video editing is […]

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